Senin, 23 Mei 2022

Hi Beautiful! These Are 6 Ways to Look Slimmer

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe cupboard and suddenly, blank! You don’t know what to wear today. You have a lot of  dress and t-shirts but you’re afraid to look bigger. Every woman is beautiful in any shape but I am sure that she wants to look slimmer.

A curvy women should know the tricks how to choose outfit, so she looks slimmer. Wearing black outfit is a safe choice, but you can not do it every day because it’s boring. There are some alternative of outfit in a way to look slimmer.

1. Choose Vertical Stripes T-Shirt

A vertical stripes shirts can make ‘illusion’ so you can look slimmer. If you’re getting bored of wearing black T-shirts, then choose vertical stripers shirts as an alternative. You can choose dark colour of stripes, for example black or dark gray. But do not buy any T-shirts with big stripes because you will look bigger! Don’t forget to wear wholesale waist trainer inside the T-shirts to look slimmer.

2. Wear a Dark Pants

Wear a long pants instead of shorts or hot-pants because you will look slimmer and taller. Choose dark colour of pants, for example black, dark gray, or navy blue. Before going into office, you can pick this kind of outfit: dark gray pants, gray blazer, and white shirts. Pick a pointed shoes. You will look slimmer, taller, and stunning.

3. Choose Long Outwear

In autumn or winter, you can wear a long jacket, long cardigan, or trench coat. Long outwear makes you look slimmer. Even in a cold weather, you still be a stylish lady. Long outwear can give an ‘illusion’ so you can look taller.

4. Wear a Waist Trainer

A waist trainer pushes your belly fat and you will look slimmer, instantly. You can get a hourglass figure and feel sexy! Wear it every single day and look at your belly. It can be slimmer and slimmer.

5. Wear a Seamless Shapewear Bra

Seamless shapewear bra can support your breasts so they look good in any age. If you choose a good quality seamless shapewear bra, it can push your back fat and you can look slimmer and beautiful. An underwear can support your daily outfit and choose a good quality one.

6. Wear a Full Body Shaper or Bodysuit

                                                                       Full bodyshaper


If you want to look slimmer instantly, choose a full body shaper or bodysuit. It can push your back fat and tummy fat. You will have a tighter legs because it pushes your legs. So, you can wear your favorite skinny jeans.

Don’t be shy if you’re a curvy woman because real women have curves. You just need a suitable outfit in order to look slimmer, for example wearing a waist trainer. Everything you need to know about Waistdear waist trainer, because it helps you to look slimmer. Choose a dark-colour long pants, a stripes T-shirts, and long outwear. Don’t forget to wear a shapewear bra or full body shaper, so you can look slimmer.  


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  1. It's amazing ways to look slimmer, Sis! 🙈 usually i use the first 2 ways. And it does work! 🤣

  2. I'd love long outwear to make an 'illusion’ so I can look taller. Haha.