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6 Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

 Every morning, you opens your wardrobe and closes it again. You feel so tired because after wearing a shirt, its size is too small. While you choose a big jacket or coat, you don’t feel comfortable, especially in summer.

Having a big body is not a crime and being a plus size woman is normal. I believe that ‘every woman have curves’ and women can be beautiful in every size. But, if you are a plus size woman, you need some tips and trick to choose outfit. Don’t forget to wear shapewear bodycuits so you will have curvier body.

1. Wear Dark Color Shirts or Dress

How many black shirts do you have? Wearing black shirts is the safest way to look slimmer, because it can hide a big belly. That’s why a plus size woman buy a lot of black shirts in a Factory Outlet. She’s also buy some black dresses before attending a party.

But, wearing black shirts or dress is so boring. Actually, a plus size woman can choose dark color shirts or gown, such as navy blue or maroon. Wearing dark color gown makes you more beautiful and confidence.

2. Choose High Rise Denim Pants

Do you like to wear denim or jeans pants? A plus size woman can wear denim pants also. Don’t be afraid to wear it because it makes you look slimmer and younger. But, you have to choose high rise denim pants so it can fit in your body. Choose dark color denim pants like black or dark blue, so you can be more gorgeous.

3. Pick a Striped Shirts or Jacket

Striped shirts is the simplest way to look slimmer because it makes a visual effect. Choose vertical striped shirts or jacket, not the horizontal one. A vertical striped shirt or pants makes you look slimmer and taller, especially when you wear pointed shoes.

You have to choose slim or little striped motif, not a big one. If the striped is too big, it will not makes you look slimmer.

4. Buy a Long Coat

Before autumn and winter, you buy some thick clothes and jackets in mall. If you want to look slimmer, buy a long coat instead of conventional jacket. Long coat can protect your body from freezy wind and it makes you look slimmer and taller. You can choose a turtle-neck shirts, high rise denim pants, a pair of boots, and brown or black long coat. You can be stylish plus size woman even if in cold weather.

5. Don’t be Afraid of Flowery Dress

You can also buy a flowery dress but choose dark color dress, not the bright one. Every woman can wear a flowery dress, also a plus size woman.

6. Wear Bodysuits or Waist Trainer

A secret to look slimmer for a plus size woman is wearing bodysuits or waist trainer. A bosysuit can make you look slimmer. While waist trainer can press your belly so you look slimmer and more beautiful. Waist trainer for plus size woman is a must have product.

Look at those examples:

This is my wishlist for next month, Sculptshe Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuits.

This bodysuits can press your plus size legs, Sculptshe Open Bust Catsuits Bodyshaper.

I also pick this waist trainer for my birthday wishlist, Sculptshe Triple Belts Waist trainer with hooks.

Look at this waist trainer, plus leggings, it makes you look slimmer. It presses your belly, waist, and legs, comfortably. Sculptshe booty lifting leggings with waist-trainer.

Remember, being a plus size woman is not a crime. You can look gorgeous in every size, but you need a bodysuits or waist trainer to make your outfit perfectly.


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