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Must Have Fall/Winter Yoga Sets For Workout Women


Fitness is important for everyone, including men and women. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that women have started focusing on their bodies as well as mental health. That’s the reason they are focused on yoga because it brings the best of both worlds. When it comes down to yoga, these studios and parks are aesthetic, so you’ve to look at your best as well.

For this reason, we are talking about the yoga outfit sets. That’s because these clothes are specially designed for women who need to move in different directions and train in a variety of positions. So, if you want to do yoga in style, we are sharing some of the best pieces for you!

High Waist Leggings Sets

Leggings are an essential part of workout and yoga sessions because they provide support. In addition, the leggings promise exceptional coverage while doing yoga, so you don’t have to worry about showing off your skin in different yoga positions. Having said that, this set will be an absolute banger because it has high waist leggings and a support bra.

This set has been designed to keep you cozy and warm during the chilly months of the year. Since fall is around the corner, you should go ahead with this set. The high waisted leggings are designed to accentuate the waist. That’s because the waist will look slim, and your tummy rolls will be concealed as well. 

The top has been designed with a round neckline, and it properly covers your entire chest. In addition, it has long sleeves, and there are thumbholes at the end, so the sleeves will remain in place.













Flared Leggings Sets

Everyone says that the fashion trends keep making a comeback after every few days. Similarly, flared pants were a big thing back in the 90s, and they have returned to the runways. Even if not the runways, you can surely use them for your yoga sessions if you like having a balance of style, elegance, and convenience.

These flared leggings are suitable for bulky women as well because they increase the airiness of the wearing experience. Also, it’s available in a variety of sizes and colors, so there is something for every woman out there. The leggings are made from soft fabric, which keeps you comfortable while trying out different yoga positions.

The side cut on the leggings also leads to a sculpted legs look. What we love is the V-shaped waistband, which means your body will look snatched and slim. You can pair these leggings with your sports bra. In fact, you can try it out other tops while heading out with friends.


Tie-Dye Leggings Set

If you are looking for another set that sets you apart in the yoga studio, this tie-dye set deserves your attention. We don’t mind saying that this set will take things up a notch in the athleisure world because the patterns are extremely inviting and unique. These leggings are meant to keep you cozy while you are heading to the gym and absorb sweat during intense workouts.

The leggings are designed with multiple panels, which help create the image of contoured and toned legs. In addition, the wide waistband makes sure that your tummy fat is hidden properly and the waist looks slim and smart. It comes with a delicate-looking yet sturdy bra, which helps support the breasts during workouts.

There are thin straps, which look extremely sleek. In addition, the deep scooped neckline helps show off the chest, promising a sexy look.

Contoured Leggings Set

In most cases, women wear sports bras to their workout and yoga sessions, but you can take a turn and opt for a crop top. It’s safe to say that crop tops are an absolute hit, whether you use them for yoga sessions or a date with your girls. That’s because they are extremely multi-function, so you can wear them easily without worrying about restricting your own movement.

The brown color is extremely suitable for the fall and winter seasons, so you will look fashion-forward looking. This set comes with high-waisted leggings, which help cover the tummy and the bulging belly like a breeze. In addition, it helps accentuate the waist because it appears slim. The leggings have panels, which help tone and contour the legs.

The second point of attention is the sports bra, which has an extremely wide hemline. This hemline will ensure that your breasts have ample support while working out. In addition, there are wide shoulder straps and a deep neckline, which provides enough coverage as well as breathability.

The bottom line is that all these sets are suitable for fall yoga sessions because they promise coverage as well as comfort to move around!

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  1. Hemmmm bener juga sih ya, kalo para cewek, terutama ibu-ibu yang berolahraga, selain untuk kesehatan badan, juga untuk kesehatan mental mereka. Tapi juga jangan sepelekan pakaian olahraga. Pilih koleksi pakaian olahraga dari Cosmolle.

  2. In my opinion the yoga clothes from the Cosmolle brand are cool, offering the perfect combination of comfort and style that is much needed in every yoga session Its innovative design creates a gentle and flexible movement experience allowing users to easily explore various yoga poses

  3. Set yoganya bagus-baguuuusss.. Olahraga tuh emang makin semangat kalo pake outfit yang sesuai dan lucu lucu gini yaaaaa.. Selain bikin makin bebas bergerak selama olahraga, yoga set ini juga bikin makin semangat bakar lemak di tubuh~

  4. one of the most important when a woman workout like yoga is using comfortable yoga set and cosmolle could be one of the best alternative yoga outfit sets

  5. Pilihan pakaian olahraga memang kudu yang nyaman biar leluasa bergeraknya. Dengan begitu, pakaiannya udah mendukung, kan jadi gak ada alasan buat merutinkan berolahraga, ya gak sih kak? Hehe

  6. Set yoga bisa nih untuk di rumah. Kebetulan suka yoga tapi di rumah aja. Bisa juga untuk membantu shaping badan

  7. all legging look good and look comfortable, definitely feel comfortable for daily Yoga, and all the fabric looks soft and beautiful

  8. Pake yoga set pas olahraga auto dapet body goals deh xixixi..

  9. Yoga setnya keren2 kak. Nih kalo istri tahu, pasti minta dibeliin nih. Soalnya dia paling suka ngoleksi yoga set spt ini. Apalagi modelnya jg kekinian. Ga pandang umur buat dipake. Jd aman buat segala usia tuh. Biar makin muda kalo pake yoga set legging spt ini.

  10. Seumur-umur belum pernah pakai Yoga set soalnya mau Yoga eeeh hamil lagi dan lagi sampai yang ketiga ini. Jadinya nunggu yang ketiga agak gedean baru yoga lagi dan mungkin pakai salah satu set di atas.

  11. Doing yoga will be more easy,more comfort when this activities is supported by comfortable outvdy

  12. The models are really pretty...
    Shapewear that is used for yoga, can also be used for zumba ...
    Love the Tie-Dye Leggings Set.

  13. wah thank you for your recommendation. dia terlihat seperti nyaman dengan pakaian olahraganya. kita bisa sesuaikan pakaian olahraga kita dengan kenyamanan kita.